Aboud & Bothaina // married

Aboud and Bothaina's wedding was the first Druze wedding that I have had the pleasure to attend. And I have to say -- I LOVED it. The day was so relaxing, so stress-free, and SO SO full of love from family and friends that it truly touched me.

(On a side note: It was quite amusing to be the only English-speaking, non-Arab, Christian among a sea of A&B's family and friends. At no other wedding in my career have I ever been asked so many questions like, "Who are you?" "Are you the actual photographer?" "How do you know the couple?" "Where do you come from?" hahaha!)

Photographed on: April 8th, 2016

Thank you, Aboud and Bothaina, for allowing me to experience the Druze culture for the first time in such a special way.