January 2015

Sisters // friends forever

I had so much fun photographing these two sweeties! These sisters were so great in front of the camera, and I was in LOVE with the light of the sun going down through the trees!!! Two gorgeous girls.

Photographed on: January 25th, 2015

Are we done yet?!? ;)

Yoel & Moria // in love

So we planned this photoshoot on a Saturday evening, and it turned out to be the first Saturday in weeks with nice weather! It was a pro and a con... There were literally hundreds of people walking the streets of Jaffa. Some of the Old City shots we had to wait for several minutes to let people pass, and then stop others from coming until I had taken a few shots! It was crazy but the weather, the sunset, and the couple were all gorgeous. I don't think the photos turned out too bad, either. ;)

Photographed on: January 24th, 2015

Nate & Kristen // expecting

While visiting my family over the holidays in Indiana, USA, I shot a maternity session for two of my good friends, Nate & Kristen. I knew Nate for many years while growing up in Indiana; it is so awesome to see how God is blessing him and Kristen with a little girl! Although we had to fight off cloudy, chilly weather, Kristen & Nate were tough, and we all had a wonderful time!

Photographed on: January 11th, 2015